Our furniture collection and delivery service is designed for you.

You’ll be able to easily collect and safely transport all kinds of furniture and other items to your home or workplace.

Medium Van

●Weight Capacity: 3500 Kg
●External Dimension (m): 6.9x2.0x2.79
●Internal Dimension (m): 4.3x1.79x1.94

Luton Van

●Weight Capacity: 3500 Kg
●External Dimension (m): 6.95x2.10x3.14
●Internal Dimension (m): 4.09x2.07x2.40

7.5 Ton Truck

●Weight Capacity: 7500 Kg
●External Dimension (m): 8.02x2.46x3.45
●Internal Dimension (m): 5.97x2.35x2.26

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