Care removals Ltd. Term& Conditions, Rights, Obligations and responsibilities of company and customers:

it’s the customers responsibility to provide parking (reserve a space for the van outside of property before our arrival or arrange a suspension or permit where necessary with local council) If there is no pre-arranged parking and our van receives a ticket, it will be the customers responsibility to pay the fine to the driver at the end of job.

Any job cancellation on the day of move will incur a penalty charge i.e. 80% of the agreed price.

We reserve the right of refuse or stop the service at any stage of the move (subject to the attitude and unacceptable behaviour of the customer).

We are not responsible for any damages that may occur due to unusual requests such as moving furniture out of windows, or any circumstances where there is not enough room to manoeuvre goods due to the narrow dimensions

of doors/windows/stairs/hallways. Maintaining health and safety should always
be the First-priority.

Any additional items that are added which were not included in the quotation may result in the change of agreed cost.

If the distance between the premises and vehicle is 15meters or more, we have right to increase the charges as it will take longer to load up and is burdensome on the removal crew.

Due to safety reasons our removal crew will not remove their shoes whilst the move is carried out. Customer are advised to use protective covers to ensure their carpets/floors are not blemished

The cost of move which is conducted without a survey and based on an estimation (even if an inventory list was given over the phone or emailed to us) can be increased on the day of move if more fleet/porters are required.

The removal crew are entitled to twenty-minute within a Three-hour time.

Flammable liquids such as petroleum-based fluids or oiled based paints cannot be permitted in our fleet.

Any items with special fitting from manufacturer will not be dismantled or assembled.

Denting, chipping and scratching caused while or during the move will not be covered.

It is customer’s responsibility to request in writing additional insurance cover if required.

Late working charges unless previously agreed: After 5.00 pm an additional charge of £25/person/hr will apply.

No compensation for damage will be paid if Care Removals Ltd have not undertaken any packaging work.

We do not accept responsibility for damaged or lost property after job is complete and payment is completed.

Due to the uncertain circumstances (i.e. breakdown, accident) if we are unable

to provide the vehicle promised during the survey or in booking confirmation we will not be held liable for it.

Restricted Access. We will not be liable for damages to items or property resulting from moving items involving restricted access.

Loss of or damage to china, glassware and fragile items unless they have been both professionally packed and unpacked by us or our Subcontractor. In the event of an accident involving an owner packed container where damage would have occurred irrespective of the quality of the packing, then our liability is limited to £150 or its actual value whichever is less.

We cannot carry out any requests that would usually require the service of specialist such as connecting electric appliances on your new property.

We cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur if customer/those on behalf of customers engage in partial loading/unloading goods.

The company fleet are insured for business purpose only, therefore no passengers other than the removal crew are permitted.

Such goods will not be removed or stored by us except without prior written agreement. (Jewellery, watches, trinkets, precious stones, money, mobile phones, laptops, Ipad, deeds,stamps, coins, or goods or collections of a similar kind, hand bags, rings, banks cards, personal document passport, id, Personal paper work).

If payment is non-coming and items are taken into storage the customer will be liable for the cost of storage.

We have the legal right to auction of items after 28 days, if no payment has been received.

Any damage/impairment to goods must be notified within a 7 days period which there is no legal requirement for us to proceed with the claims.

Cash payment on the day must be paid prior to unloading of the goods.

In case of hourly rate services, if the move exceeds the time frame the customer.

will be charged for an additional hour if more than fifteen minutes have elapsed.

We reserve the right to notify a dept collection agencies to collect payment.

if we cannot receive monies owed. Any collection agency fees will be added to the original sum.

If keys are not collected at the specified time, there will be additional waiting charges of £ 80.00/hr for each Van.

If payment is overdue after five working days, we reserve the right to levy a late payment administration fee of £ 50.00 per day.

It in our company policy All Removal Payment must be paid before unload the vehicles.

The minimum cost of Disposal/Dumping is £160.00 per half tonne.

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